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Advanced mobile mapping made simple

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What is Mappt?

Mappt is an agile data capture and management tool used on Android tablet devices providing you flexibility and interoperability for your core Geodata.

Using Mappt allows you to be in the field working with your information in a matter of hours. Its friendly user interface and smart functionality allows you to create, edit, store and share spatial information while disconnected from your corporate systems.

Compatible with leading GIS standards, Mappt can be used for Geology, Mining, Asset Management, Oil and Gas, Environment Management and Emergency Response. Using Mappt you can also benefit from:

  • No monthly service charge or cloud based service lock-in.
  • Fast, simple & accurate field data processing with your own data.
  • Functionality such as GPS tracking, load ECW and JP2 custom imagery and thematic mapping giving you more than just simple create and edit tools.

Mappt is a low cost, high value solution that compliments your GIS data management workflow.

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App Features

Features Free Standard Pro

Create and edit Points, Lines and Polygons

Full data entry and drop downs

Import vector data (SHP, KML, KMZ and GeoJSON)

Measurement tools (distance, area, etc)

Google Maps API advanced caching

Projection control (UTM and Lat/Long)

Import data from Local Disk, Email or Google Drive

Full layer control

2 only

Form based data entry

2 only

GPS tracking

10 minutes

Geotagged photos (alert management)

5 only

Geofence exclusion and inclusion zones

Export data to Local Disk, Email or Google Drive

Save and export projects

Thematic mapping (data classification)

Offline imagery support (ECW and JP2)

Automatic shapefile reprojection

ESRI Compact Cache support

Prioritised Email support

WMS/WFS 1.0, 1.1 & 2.0 support

Mappt in your Business

  • No vendor, cloud or service lock in contracts.

  • Intuitive user interface that minimises training requirements.

  • Optimized to work with large datasets.

  • John Houdalakis

    Director of Subthermal Solutions
    Mappt's ease of use and low cost allows us to provide clear instructions to our contractors and eliminates the need to revisit the site after the initial survey.
  • Wayne Ennor

    Manager of Projects at Sinosteel Midwest
    We perform exploration, construction and ground clearing operations around heritage sites. Mappt's geofencing allow us to track vehicle movements, investigate incidences and comply with our environmental and heritage conservation requirements.
  • Dean McMinn

    Senior Geologist at SRK Consulting
    Mappt is a great example of how the right technology can make geography an indispensable part of everyday life. It’s the smart combination of the user friendly interface, intuitive functionality, and the GPS technology that makes it the right choice for me. I also really benefit from being able to create and edit, and share GIS vectors on the fly.
  • IntelPix

    Arial and ground imagery consulting
    At Intelpix we use Mappt intensively for accurate geo-spatial data acquisition in photogrammetry. The functionality of Mappt paired with a weatherproof tablet enables us to work efficiently in the field to collect ground control points, verify and revise map data. It is a very user-friendly software that can be implemented quickly in any organisation dealing with geo-spatial data acquisition in the outdoors.

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