Easy & efficient
offline mobile mapping


Unlike most other mobile GIS, Mappt™ is fully functional offline. So you capture, view, edit and share your data without worrying about the connection.


Because Mappt is downloaded onto Android tablets and phones, it’s light and compact enough to stay
by your side and assist you whenever and wherever.


With no cloud or vendor lock in, Mappt™ works with all major GIS applications and is compatible with online data services such as WMS and WFS.


Our mobile mapping software is packed with features including geotagged photos, GPS tracking and gridding to make gathering geospatial data faster and easier.


Mappt™ user-friendly interface and easy to use features make advanced mobile mapping simple. Create, edit, store and share data with minimal training.


Mappt™ licences start from as little as USD $29/month, and come with the option for either one annual payment, or a flexible monthly subscription.

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Mappt in your industry

Mining and Energy

Mappt’s offline capability makes geological exploration easy. Capture and manage data in the most remote locations, then export it through the local filesystem in the field, or via email or Google Drive once back online.

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Mappt makes it easy to spatially enable your workflow on the farm. From viewing past yield results to soil quality, Mappt is an inexpensive solution for farmers utilising geospatial technology.

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Education and Training

Create lessons like no other, by teaching your students to gather geospatial data with user-friendly interface and easy to use features. Educational licensing allows Mappt to be used by a huge numbers of students.

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Local Government

Mappt is perfect for Local Government Authorities due to its simple yet powerful data collection capabilities, and its ability to import/export corporate GIS datasets and imagery.

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Mappt democratises spatial data collection with its user friendly interface and simple features, allowing those from a non-technical background to capture data with ease.

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Data Collection

Mappt easily imports .csv files to create drop down forms, giving you consistent data collection across your team. Then simply export data back into your GIS via direct file transfer, email or Google Drive.

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Health and Safety

Our mobile GIS app can access imagery offline, capture visual data in the field and warn you away from dangerous no-go areas.

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Leave poor internet connections and bulky equipment behind, as you take on the earth’s challenges with our offline agile GIS application.

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Mappt’s easy to use features such as drop down forms, geotagged photos and thematic mapping will power up your offline data collection.

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In the unpredictable nature of defence work, reliable technology is essential. Mappt’s offline capability and mobile Android platform means it’s ready to assist you wherever and whenever you need it.

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Mappt is now available in 11 languages!


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