• When working in the field it’s not always clear where your boundaries end and your neighbours’ start, so our geofencing feature comes in handy to mark out exclusion and inclusion zones.
  • Once you’ve drawn your geofences onto Mappt, you will be alerted with an alarm notification if you breach a boundary, ensuring you don’t disturb land that doesn’t belong to you.


  • Polygons are also essential for highlighting areas of interest or risk, e.g. if you want to mark out land that has a biosecurity risk, Mappt’s polygons will allow you to draw around areas and colour code them.
  • Add attributes to features to store details so you know exactly why you sectioned a particular area. This is especially useful for documenting the various crop status.

GPS Tracking

  • GPS tracking comes in handy if you need to leave a job half way through, as it will document where in the field you stopped working, so you can pick up where you left off the next day.
  • Use the GPS tracking with the polylines feature to plan and track where you’re dusting your crops.

Geotagged Photos

  • Geotagged photos are perfect for highlighting where small details like a broken grape vine or a pest’s nest is located.
  • Simply use the camera on your Android tablet or phone to take a photo and Mappt will pin it onto the spot where you took it. This more visual marker will help you find that important object again easily.

Compact and Mobile

  • Mappt is available on Android devices, making our mobile mapping software agile enough for you to carry around the field.
  • Large tablet screens and excellent Android battery life are also essential for easy and efficient data collection.
  • Mappt works offline with Google Map tile caching so it doesn’t matter how far you wander or how remote your farm is, there’s no need for an internet connection.


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