WMS and WFS Compatibility

  • Mappt Military is fully compatible with WMS and WFS 1.0, 1.1 & 2.0.
  • Pull whole maps or their data from the web and into Mappt Military to work with.
  • Control what data you want to utilise by selecting data from a set area within these maps. This reduces the file size, allowing Mappt Military to work as quickly as possible.

Read Only Data Sets

  • Utilise very large KML and Shapefile datasets without saving them onto Mappt Military with our read-only formats.
  • This enables Mappt Military to turn vectors into rasters, allowing you to view huge files inside Mappt Military without slowing it down.
  • Ideal for when you have large but fixed datasets.

Geotagged Photos

  • Capture a photo with your Android device and pin it onto the spot where it was taken.
  • Geotagged photos give your important findings a far more visual element than just a marker point, making them easier to find when assessing your data.
  • Assign attributes to them or move the photo around to re-write the EXIF metadata.

Offline GPS Tracking

  • Mappt Military’s advanced map caching gives you the ability to use its GPS tracking feature with no need for WiFi or 4G connection.
  • Mappt Military’s offline GPS tracking can record your journey in the background while you continue with your data collection.
  • Utilise this feature to export safe routes to your team, or find your way back to base.

Thematic Mapping

  • Colour code your information on a topic or theme, based on your data’s attribute values.
  • Mappt Military will automatically set the colours of your layers to make thematic mapping faster, but if you want to choose your own colours you can easily change them.
  • Gain a greater visual overview of your data for rapid assessment.

Points, Lines and Polygons

  • Points, polylines and polygons are essential for flagging important areas or plotting key positions on your map.
  • Create a personal and completely unique dataset with Mappt Military’s editing tools.
  • You have the power to change the colour and style of points, customise line styles, and edit the opacity of the area within a polygon.
  • Assign attributes to them to store details, so you’ll know exactly why you highlighted a section.


  • Mappt Military’s geofencing tool is essential for keeping you away from enemy lines.
  • If you know the areas you are unable to enter, simply draw them onto your map.
  • If you breach a geofence, Mappt Military will notify you with an alarm and the event will be logged.
  • If you’re working in a small area, geofencing is a more useful tool to mark out inclusion zones to make sure that you don’t step outside of a boundary.
Mappt Military is a separate application available for government use only.
See www.mapptmilitary.com for more information.


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