• If you know of dangerous areas that you want to keep yourself and your team away from, try Mappt’s geofencing feature.
  • These fences are there to mark out inclusion and exclusion zones to keep your team safe and on track.
  • If you step inside an exclusion zone, an alarm will notify you and the event will be logged in Mappt.

GPS Tracking

  • Mappt’s offline GPS tracking is essential for recording the areas you have covered, making it ideal for road planning, calculating distances and helping workers find targeted areas faster.
  • Because of Mappt’s advanced map tile caching, there’s no need for WIFI or a 4G connection, making our mobile GIS app perfect for remote areas.
  • You also can have the GPS tracking on in the background and get on with your work while it records your journey.

Offline Access

  • When it comes to our mobile mapping GIS software, our features are built to work offline so that you don’t need to worry about an internet connection.
  • Because of our advanced tile caching, maps can be loaded onto Mappt and will be ready to use when offline in the field.
  • Access your stored imagery and data, and upload them onto Mappt.

Drop Down Forms

  • Drop down forms are used in Mappt’s attributes feature to create a list of options to choose from when recording data.
  • For example, if you want to conduct an inspection, simply create drop down form listing pre loaded information you want you or your team to find. Once a risk on the list has been found, they can tap it as opposed to typing the data in every time. Mappt will then log where this item has been found.
  • Drop down forms reduce the repetitive task, cut down human error, and give you consistent data faster.

Compact and Easy

  • Mappt is used on lightweight Android devices, so the large screen of tablets and long battery life of Android phones create the perfect mobile GIS platform.
  • If your team isn’t tech-savvy there’s no need to worry, as our intuitive mobile GIS software is incredibly easy to use thanks to the user friendly interface and simple icons.
  • We have designed Mappt so that anyone should be able to download it from the Google Play Store and start capturing data with minimal training. However, if support is needed our team are always here to help, just contact us!

Geotagged Photos

  • Geotagged photos have been implemented in Mappt to give you a far more visual aid than a marker point.
  • Use the camera on your Android device, capture an image, and Mappt will load that image onto the spot where it was taken.
  • Geotagged photos make rapid situation assessments easy and help you get back to objects faster and easier.

Importing and Exporting Data

  • Before you set out, our mobile GIS mapping app allows you to quickly import GIS data via Google Drive or HTTP for viewing offline in the field.
  • Mappt allows you to access your own imagery offline in the field, import vector and existing data and export data such as KML or Shapefiles with no need for an internet connection.
  • You can also quickly load custom satellite imagery into Mappt as ECW and JP2 images, giving you an experience like standing inside your own imagery!
  • Once back online, you can publish your data to Google Maps or Google Earth or even embed your data into a website within minutes.
  • Send files directly from inside our mobile GIS via email or upload it onto your Google Drive account to share with colleagues.


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