• Geofencing comes in handy for marking out exclusion zones, such as hazardous areas or heritage listed sites.
  • If you enter an exclusion zone, an alarm will notify you and the event will be logged in Mappt for reporting and to support audits.
  • Geofences can also mark out inclusion zones to make sure you don’t step out of your dedicated work boundary.

Offline GPS Tracking

  • GPS path tracking is not always a standard feature in mobile mapping software, but Mappt Standard and Professional licences offer unlimited offline GPS tracking.
  • You can also have this working in the background to record your path while you get on with your work.
  • These GPS tracked paths can then be saved to existing map layers, and assigned values with existing layer attributes.

Geotagged Photos

  • To work alongside the GPS tracking, we have implemented geotagged photos.
  • Geotagged photos give you a far more visual experience than marker points, and allows you to pinpoint where specific things are, for example a hazard.
  • Geotagged photos can also be added as records in existing map layers and assigned standard attribute values using Mappt’s drop down forms.

Drop Down Data Entry Forms

  • Drop down forms are used in the attributes feature to create a list of options for you to choose from when recording information.
  • For example, if you’re searching for minerals you can create a drop down form listing the minerals you want to find. Once a mineral on the list has been found, you or a team member can select it as opposed to typing the data in every time.
  • These forms enable data managers to manage retrieved field information efficiently, and also enable users to capture data in accordance with pre-defined standards.
  • Drop down data entry forms give you consistent information faster, cut down repetitive tasks and reduce human error, keeping your workers happy!

Compact and Convenient

  • Unlike field specific computers, Mappt is downloaded onto an Android tablet or mobile phone. These light devices combined with the large tablet screens and long lasting mobile batteries create the ideal mobile mapping companion.
  • These devices can also be protected with rugged cases for extra “outback durability”
  • Users new to GIS can download Mappt from the Google Play Store and start capturing data in minutes with minimal training.  
  • Mappt is very cost effective, making it a low barrier to entry Mobile Mapping solution.


  • Gather simple and reliable data using various Mappt features with no need for WiFi or 4G.
  • Use points, polylines and polygons to map sample sites and highlight areas of interest or risk. These can then be customised by colours, line and fill style.
  • Mappt’s powerful thematic mapping means you can also classify sample sites by status or assay results by colour and symbol style.


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