Offline GPS Tracking

  • Mappt’s full GPS tracking is essential when you need to trace the areas you have covered.
  • You can have the GPS tracking on in background mode so you can get on with your work while it records your journey. This is ideal when you’re working off the beaten track, calculating distances and helping workers quickly find their destination.
  • Did we also mention you can do this all offline? Because of Mappt’s advanced map tile caching, there’s no need for WIFI, internet coverage or a 4G connection, making our mobile GIS app the go-to application for remote areas!

Geotagged Photos

  • Simply take a photo using your Android device and Mappt will pin it onto the spot where the image was taken.
  • Geotagged photos are a fantastic alternative to marker points as they’re visually more detailed, allowing you to pinpoint where specific assets are, e.g. a nest of endangered birds.
  • You can then find the nest again easily or create an area around the image you suspect is their habitat. This brings us onto our next feature, polygons.


  • Polygons are paramount to highlighting areas of interest or risk. For example, if you work for a Crime Prevention Organisation, you may need to flag areas with high crime rates or section off a neighbourhood that is low risk, or both!
  • With Mappt you can customise and colour code polygons, plus give them attributes so you know exactly why you sectioned off a particular area.

Drop Down Forms

  • Drop down forms are used in the attributes feature to create a list of options to choose from when recording information.
  • They help normalise your data, particularly if you’re working in a group. For example, if you work to protect the rainforest you can create a drop down form listing the assets you want your team to highlight. Once a listed problem has been found, they can select it as opposed to typing in the data every time, for example ‘Fallen Tree’.
  • Not only do drop down forms give you consistent and faster data, they also reduced repetitive tasks and cut down human error.

Compact and convenient

  • Unlike field specific computers, Mappt is downloaded onto Android tablets and mobile phones.
  • These light devices plus the large tablet screens and long lasting mobile batteries create the ideal field companion.
  • Mappt’s offline capability and agile platform mean you can take it anywhere and collect data on the go.
  • There’s no need to worry if you’re not tech-savvy, as our intuitive mobile GIS software is incredibly easy to use with simple icons and a user friendly interface.  Your team should be able to download Mappt from the Google Play Store and capture data with minimal training, however if support is needed our team are here to help.

Importing and exporting data

  • Before you head out into the field, Mappt allows you to efficiently import GIS data via Google Drive or HTTP for viewing offline in the field.
  • Once out in the field, you can access your own imagery, import vector and your existing data and export data such as KML or Shapefiles with no need for WIFI or 4G!
  • Load custom satellite imagery into Mappt as ECW and JP2 images, to give you an incredible experience like standing inside your own imagery.
  • Once you’re back at the office and back online, you can easily publish your data to Google Maps or Google Earth, which can then be embedded into your website.
  • Alternatively, if you need to forward your data to another team member you can send it from Mappt through email or upload it onto Google Drive.


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